Cory Goldschmidt

Corporate Safety Director

Cory brings deep experience and industry-leading knowledge of construction safety practices to the Boldt team. As corporate safety director, he is responsible for influencing safety performance companywide and assists with strategic planning on a corporate, operational and project level.

Cory provides thought leadership in these areas:


Cory works to achieve the highest level of safety for our customers by communicating learning moments, sharing best practices and providing educational materials throughout all levels of our organization. His approach to construction safety focuses on thorough understanding of behavior-based motivators, collaboration and knowledge sharing.
With a Bachelor of Occupational Health and Safety from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Cory has a strong background in policy and procedure best practices. He is an expert in root cause discovery and problem-solving techniques, leading and lagging indicator value and cultural transformation. Additionally, he enjoys coaching Boldt team members to enhance their own professional development.

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