Alan Loving

Director Diversity Development

Alan Loving brings more than a decade of professional knowledge to Boldt as he works to educate others and build a diverse and inclusive work environment for employees, suppliers and contractors. His professional experience, combined with his own life experiences, give him a unique perspective within the construction industry as he creates a fully inclusive and culturally competitive landscape. 

Alan holds a Master of Science Degree in Real Estate Development, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts; Master of Science Degree in Urban and Regional Planning, University of Colorado—Denver; and 
a Bachelor of Science in Sociology, University of Colorado—Denver.

Alan provides thought leadership in these areas:

Diversity and Inclusion

Alan believes that diversity and inclusion (D&I) is best accomplished when it is integrated into every business strategy right from the start. He works with Boldt’s human resource team, project managers, and trainers to set, execute and measure the company’s D & I goals. He envisions a company that is welcoming, listens to others, and aligns itself with the mission, vision, and practices of the companies and communities Boldt does business in.

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