The efficiency of Lean with the collaboration of Integrated Project Delivery

Over the last fifty years, the construction industry has become less efficient. That’s not a stat we want to be part of. So we’ve immersed ourselves in finding a better way to build. A way that drives out waste and inefficiency while driving up quality and value.

That’s how we developed Integrated Lean Project Delivery (ILPD). Our exclusive process combines the up-front collaboration of Integrated Project Delivery with the waste-reducing principles of Lean. It’s a marriage of methods that ensures open, honest teamwork around a common vision. It empowers everyone on the project team to collectively study a problem and explore possible solutions. And it focuses their efforts on eliminating redundancy and waste at every step in the process.

The result?

Budgets can actually go down over the course of a project. Timelines can move up, because you’re predicting and avoiding delays. Some of those “want” items you didn’t expect you could afford? Suddenly they’re possible. With ILPD, we consistently find the value that other methods can’t.