Partnering to Advance the Common Good

We believe in creating relationships that can improve the lives of the people around us. That’s why Boldt offers at-risk and fee-for-service real estate development services to help healthcare clients across the country meet the needs of their communities. Our development team has completed more than $2 billion in healthcare projects, including:

  • Wellness centers
  • Cancer centers
  • Clinics
  • Medical office buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Mixed-use facilities

Financial feasibility tends to be the main roadblock in many healthcare strategy plans. As an investor and adviser, Boldt breaks down these barriers by tailoring solutions to fit your long-term financial and ownership goals.

At-Risk Ownership Development

Management of the entire development process, including site selection and acquisition, entitlements, programming, leasing, design and construction. A variety of flexible financing and ownership options are available to meet the health system’s unique needs.

We will tailor our services and development approach to strengthen relationships and align everyone’s incentives toward a common goal: the health and success of the community and its healthcare providers.

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