Lawrence University ~ Lucia R. Briggs Hall

Appleton, Wisconsin

Project Description

This project consisted of the new construction of a facility that houses classrooms, faculty offices for mathematics and the social sciences, research laboratories and a 2,500 sq. ft. greenhouse. This 55,400 sq. ft. four-story, precast structure is built into a steep slope along the Fox River. The main entrance is on the top floor with the other levels descending to the river.

Briggs Hall’s mathematics and computer science facilities incorporate advanced technology including direct links to the college’s central computing systems and a Mirco VAX dedicated to computer science instruction and consists of:

  • Computer science laboratory
  • Mathematics laboratory
  • Interdisciplinary statistics laboratory
  • Faculty offices, classrooms and seminar room

The third floor consists of the anthropology and psychology departments and includes:

  • Anthropology laboratory
  • Anthropology and psychology computer laboratory
  • Preparation room
  • Faculty offices, classrooms and seminar room

The scope of work also included relocation of the main electrical substation and steam system feeding the entire campus. Demolition of the existing boiler room, partial coal bunker and maintenance shops were also required.

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Miller, Wagner, Coenen, McMahon

Boldt Role

Construction Manager, General Contractor

Key Points

  • Boldt has managed and constructed numerous projects at Lawrence University since the mid-1960’s. Along with construction management and being a general contractor, Boldt also provided value engineering services.
  • This 150-year old campus posed restricted site issues to project teams. All projects are constructed within limited confines and amid fully operational facilities. Campus traffic re-routing and special procedures for decreasing noise and interruption were necessary.