University of Wisconsin - Superior ~ UWS Central Heat Plant and Steam Tunnel Repairs

Superior, Wisconsin

Project Description

In June of 2012, a flood reached the high water mark that flooded out the plant’s basement plus a foot above operating floor height and over 3,600 ft. of steam/condensate piping located in box conduit.

Within two days, Boldt was mobilized to the site to asses the repairs and jointly develop a scope with the owner, insurance company, subcontractors and suppliers. Inside the heating plant, boiler feed pumps/motors and condensate pumps and motors were replaced or refurbished. Boiler combustion air fans were refurbished and checked for balance and alignment. New air compressors, controls, communications, chemical feed system and a coal handling conveyor and bucket elevator was replaced. The gas fired unit was lit off in six weeks, the coal boiler grates were stripped, sandblasted and reinstalled for lite-off within five months in time for winter heat.

On the steam tunnels feeding the campus, Boldt again worked with the owner, insurance agent and subcontractors to create a scope of work and a schedule. Once mobilized, the team excavated the 3,600 ft. of box conduit, saw cut the tops, stripped and replaced 7,200 ft. of pipe insulation, replaced the tops, weather-proofed, backfilled and started surface restoration all within six weeks.

Boldt self-performed demo, concrete, carpentry, iron work and crane support.

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Boldt's Role

General Contractor

Key Points

  • Using pull-scheduling, Boldt was able to coordinate the entire team’s effort to make decisions, scope the project, order long lead-time items, coordinate the subcontractors and meet the project deadlines to get the campus back up in just six weeks in time for the fall semester.