Missouri River Energy Services ~ Red Rock Hydroelectric Project

Pella, Iowa

Project Description

Taking advantage of existing U.S. Army Corps of Engineer infrastructure, the Red Rock Hydroelectric Power Plant will provide sustainable, clean energy to roughly 18,000 homes in South-Central Iowa. The plant, which is located along the Des Moines River, is being built in conjunction with general contractor Ames Construction. The power generating facility will be owned and operated by Missouri River Energy Services headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Boldt is installing two Voith Kaplin hydroelectric turbines as well as all Voith supplied supporting equipment and embedded parts. Once fully operational, the plant will produce 36 megawatts of power, yet only require three individuals to operate it. In addition, Boldt was awarded the contract to install two sections of Penstock. These steel tubes which carry water through the existing dam to the turbines are 21 feet in diameter and 200 feet in length. Once welded and installed, these tubes will become encased in concrete. Startup and commissioning is scheduled for late summer 2018.

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Missouri River Energy Services

Boldt's Role

Millwright and Boilermaker

Key Points

This project is the first time ever that an existing and operational dam is drilled into to create openings to carry water to the hydro turbines.