Advocate Medical Group ~ Advocate Dreyer Medical Center (ADMC) and Ambulatory Facility

Aurora, Illinois

Project Description

The new Sequoia facility is planned to house all clinical functions and most support functions currently located in the facility on Galena Blvd in Aurora.

This new facility will provide for a high degree of flexibility and adaptability. The new clinic will utilize modular, standardized space where possible and shared space, rather than dedicated space, for services/specialties to support the clinic of the future. Additionally, clinic exam rooms will be flexibly assigned to support a high level of operational efficiency.

The Sequoia Clinic will be a clinically dense building, with limited administrative functions. Workstations, shared private work areas and “touchdown” areas will be provided for physicians and clinical staff with a limited number of private offices.

The clinic strives to integrate technology whenever possible, enabling an electronic patient care environment with readily accessible information.

Additionally, the clinic will follow current Advocate branding standards such as signage, interiors, systems and room standards.

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Boldt's Role

ILPD Partner, Construction Management

Key Points

  • The medical office and ambulatory facility will span multiple years and will consist of various ambulatory projects and operational and business models, which support the Advocate brand.