Andeavor ~ St. Paul Park Refinery

St. Paul Park, Minnesota

Project Description

Since 1987, Boldt has had the opportunity to bring its breadth of construction expertise to the St. Paul Park Refinery. Over the years, Boldt has worked on a wide range of projects including relocating much of the facility’s underground piping, pipeline repairs, storage and process tank replacements, de-salter unit rebuilds, crude heater repairs, numerous tank and equipment foundations, control room updates, a state-of-the-art high volume water treatment facility, a dissolved gas flotation system, a sulfur recovery system and both scheduled and unscheduled shutdowns.
Summary of maintenance over 30 years includes scaffolding, sewer work, concrete foundations, grouting, fireproofing, structural steel, boilermaker work on heaters and heat exchangers, underground sewer repairs, road grading and excavating. Boldt has provided the refinery with 24 hour-7 day emergency services. Below is a list of our projects:

  • 2013 – Crude Unit Revamp, Reformer Revamp, Full Plant Turnaround, WWTP Civil Package and Alky QRA

  • 2012 - Waste Water Phase I, DGF Pit Project

  • 2011 FCC Heater Installation $1.5M
    Scope of work included Alky Heater 28-B-1 SIS, FCC Heater 8-B-Replacement and SIS Package covers installation of the 8-B-1 FCC heater, 8-F-62A/B filter coalecsers, structural steel modifications at the existing Alky Heater 28-B-1, other structural steel, piping, pipe supports (including support for electrical cable tray and conduit), ladders and platforms, insulation and painting along with piping modifications for Alky Heater SIS. The concrete foundations were done by Boldt on a time and material basis under our standing maintenance agreement.

  • 2011 Bio-Diesel Containment and Tank Foundations $2.3M
    Installation of a new bio-diesel storage tank and tanker truck offloading station, area paving for tanker truck parking complete with associated equipment piping, electrical and instrumentation systems.

  • 2011 Spring Turnaround Scaffolding Support $2.2M
    Over 700 scaffolding units erected and over 20 temporary shelters.

  • 2010 – 2011 Installation of New Boilers 7 and 8 $3.7M
    The project included the civil package of footings and foundations for the new boilers and the installation and commissioning of two new 100,000 lb/hr steam boilers. The “ISBL mechanical equipment, piping and structural erection package” covers installation of the boilers, equipment, structural steel, stacks, duct work, CEMS building, piping, pipe supports, ladders, platforms, insulation and painting.

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Boldt's Role

Construction Manager, General Contractor

Key Points

  • Boldt has worked with St. Paul Park Refinery for over 20 years. Throughout these years Boldt has provided the refinery with 24 hour-7 day emergency services.