Carlton County ~ New Community Services Building

Cloquet, MN

Project Description

The new two-story, 40,000 sq. ft. community services building replaces two aging buildings that currently house the county’s public health and human services combining the following services in one building:

  • Social services

  • Public health

  • Child services

  • Income maintenance

  • Workforce center

  • W.I.C. (Women, Infants and Children) clinic

  • Motor vehicle services

  • Veteran services

The old human services building will be razed to provide parking space adjacent to the new building.

This project was designed to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards. Boldt was responsible for understanding the composition of the products purchased on behalf of Carlton County. Our web-based LEED and recycle processes provided measurable results and a sound LEED reporting structure.

Sustainable features include:

  • Use of low-flow plumbing fixtures to reduce water consumption by more than 35 percent over standard fixtures

  • Interior and exterior lighting schemes minimize trespass of light to the outside of the building and off of the project site, helping to eliminate unwanted glare

  • High-efficiency HVAC system

  • Recycling of construction waste diverted a minimum of 50 percent of the waste from local landfills

  • 10 percent of the building materials were regional sustainable building materials

  • Use of low VOC materials in adhesives, paints and flooring systems to minimize indoor air contaminates that are odorous and harmful

  • Implementation of a comprehensive “green” cleaning/housekeeping program with clear performance goals, including describing the building’s green cleaning policy and the health and environmental benefits

  • Selection of refrigerants and systems that minimize or eliminate the emission of ozone-depleting compounds

  • Installation of bicycle storage and changing rooms to encourage use of alternative transportation. As well as preferred parking for low-emitting and fuel efficient vehicles

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Wold Architects and Engineers

Boldt's Role

General Contractor, LEED Construction Administrator

Key Points

  • County commissioners hired Boldt as the general contractor for the project following a “best value contractor” bidding and hiring process based on price, project approach, project and team experience, LEED experience and challenge assessments.
  • Communications with the project stakeholders and local businesses regarding project status and upcoming construction activities, utility shutdowns and road closures was very important to the county and became one of our main project objectives. Real-time communication was accomplished through use of a project blog site for the public to view project information and voice their comments.