Bellin College ~ New Campus Building

Bellevue, Wisconsin

Project Description

The new campus is located on a 17.5 acre site which offers room for future expansion as the college grows and expands its curriculum. The first classes in the fall of 2009 marked the 100th anniversary of the college.

At its original location the capacity of the college was 300 students. The new campus doubles the enrollment size. It is the college’s desire to offer their students other career choices besides nursing, such as a radiology program, thus addressing their mission of providing well-educated healthcare professionals.

This two-story building that is 73,000 sq. ft. consists of:

  • 11,000 sq. ft. of future build out space

  • Full basement

  • Two health assessment labs with seven stations each, set up to mimic clinical exam rooms

  • Two skills labs with six stations each, set up to mimic hospital rooms

  • Two functioning radiology rooms with a shared control room

  • One simulations lab

  • One practice lab

  • Four classrooms with seating for 60 students each

  • A tiered classroom with seating for 96 students

  • Large atrium open to the second floor with study balconies on the second floor overlooking the first floor

  • Open decorative stairs from second floor to lower level

  • Two-story curtain wall in the atrium

  • Vending and food prep area for students and faculty

  • A computer resource center

  • Large library on the second floor

  • Wellness center/exercise room for students and faculty

  • Executive office area with boardroom

Integrated Lean Project Delivery®(ILPD)
This project utilized Boldt’s integrated project delivery method along with target costing to help Bellin College meet their desired budget. Target costing is a process in which Boldt generates a budget based on the owner’s project requirements and links those requirements to cost data from similar projects. We can then determine if the owner’s requirements fit within the desired budget.

The ILPD team is made up of the owner, architect, Boldt project manager, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection sub-contractors. They met on a weekly basis and reviewed the design progress, budget and schedule. If an issue arose with the above decisions, corrections could be made to address the issue. The greatest benefit of this process was that any drawing conflicts, schedule surprises and budget overruns were greatly reduced due to the upfront collaboration prior to and during construction.

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McMahon Group

Boldt's Role

Construction Manager

Key Points

  • The building was built close to wetlands that were not to be disturbed, which dictated building location and parking lot run off.