ROC Ventures ~ MOSH Performance Center

Franklin, Wisconsin

Project Description

The MOSH Performance Center will be an indoor turf athletics training facility at-tached to an integrated three-story sports medicine and fitness facility where per-formance, fitness and wellness solutions will be at the forefront. This state-of-the-art MOSH Performance Center will be a touch point in the community, with a focus on providing services that match the needs of the population and with one goal in mind - to keep the community well. Anchor tenants include, Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Hospital and ROC Ventures.  Boldt is the Developer and will be the Owner of the facility and is excited that this will be the second project Boldt is investing in at Ball-park Commons; Boldt initially became involved through investing in and developing a senior housing facility on site.

The facility will be part of the “Ballpark Commons,” a mixed-use development and 4,000-seat baseball stadium in Franklin, which will be home to the UW-Milwaukee baseball team with the American Association of Professional Baseball. Features will include retail, restaurants, apartments, senior living and a golf entertainment facility. As healthcare professionals continue to evaluate how healthcare is delivered, the focus is increasingly turning toward the consumer. The MOSH Performance Center  will be a consumer-driven facility that bridges the gap between medical and whole-body wellness in the Franklin community.  

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Boldt's Role

Owner, Developer

Key Points

Finding the RIGHT community partners has been an important staple of Boldt’s ap-proach to develop something special as opposed to just another MOB and indoor sports facility. Therefore, Boldt has selectively marketed the building to potential tenants that will integrate well with one another and fully embrace the mission of the project and the unique opportunity to be part of the Ballpark Commons devel-opment.

With a multitude of partners involved in a project of this magnitude, it is important to align the goals of each party to increase the chance of success for all.  From the start of our involvement, Boldt established a vision and a commitment to preserving the potential to create a space truly unique to the surrounding communities and one that will be a significant asset to the overall Ballpark Commons development.