The Ridges Sanctuary ~ Center for Environmental Stewardship Nature Center

Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin

Project Description

The Center for Environmental Stewardship consists of a one-story public facility that is 7,500 sq. ft. in size. The building includes an interpretive center, a multi-purpose discovery room, nature store, administrative offices and various other support spaces.

The center serves as a gateway to the on-site experience of The Ridges, a 1,600 acre nature preserve, while also providing awareness and education. Not only creating a visible entrance to the sanctuary, it also familiarizes visitors with the site and its importance of place. The center, located on a remediated brownfield site, is the first LEED certified commercial building in Door County.

The building was designed and built to inspire and inform the practices of sustainability and energy efficiency. For example, many of the building's exterior walls are covered with windows to utilize the practice of daylighting. This strategy maximizes natural light into a building, even on cloudy days. When lights are used indoors, they are equipped with occupancy and daylight sensors, so overuse is not an issue. Additionally, the center is equipped with geothermal technology, a clean and sustainable method of heating and cooling through use of the earth’s natural ground temperatures.

Boldt provided full design and engineering services for the new interpretive center, starting with conceptual design and site selection and concluding with construction administration. Along with the design of the facility, Boldt provided construction management services and LEED administrative services. 

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The Boldt Company

Boldt's Role

Design and Engineer, LEED Administrator, Construction Manager

Key Points

  • The center, located on a remediated brownfield site, is the first LEED® Certified commercial building in Door County.