Trustees of Oklahoma City ~ Will Rogers World Airport

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Project Description

The Will Rogers World Airport covers 8,000 acres with passenger traffic through the terminal reaching almost three and one half million. In the same year, aircraft operations rose by 16.7 percent. A planning study was conducted to determine growth projections for the next 20 years. Issues the airport was facing included congested curb space, crowded holding rooms, congested baggage claim areas and inconvenient concession locations.

The Boldt scope of work included these major improvements:

  • Demolition of existing concourses

  • New 666-foot-long-concourses that stretch westward from the central terminal by 30 feet to the north and by 60 feet to the south

  • Additional ticket counter and circulation space

  • New hold rooms and circulation space

  • Relocate and reconstruct concessions and administrative area

  • Additional baggage claim and car rental counters

  • Increase the gate numbers from 16 to 25

  • Improve drop off and pick up accessibility

  • Increase building square footage from 341,000 to 583,000 square feet

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Boldt's Role

General Contractor

Key Points

  • A congested area with construction, passenger drop off and passenger wayfinding created concerns for the owner and the construction team. Boldt created a poster showing a construction person with signage where passengers’ requests and/or services could be tendered. The Department of Airports placed the messages on them and moved them to the various locations where needed.