Gulfstream Aerospace Services Corporation ~ Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Facility

Appleton, Wisconsin

Project Description

The Boldt Company, in partnership with McMahon Associates, Inc. and OMNI Associates, is providing design, engineering and construction services for Gulfstream Aerospace’s new maintenance, repair and overhaul facility in Appleton, WI.

As a team, we have invested in creating a site logistics plan in parallel with a construction sequencing plan to model actual site and building layout and construction activities. We are proactively addressing issues associated with safety, air and landside security, employee and vehicular access as well as storm, water and fire protection.

Working with OMNI, we have full understanding of the Appleton International Airport requirements and are adhering to local, FAA and TSA rules for an active airport construction site. We are careful to minimize airside activities and maintain the current Gulfstream ramp positions with little to no impact to existing operations.

Once completed, this expansion project will create approximately 200 jobs at Gulfstream's Appleton location.

This project is scheduled to be completed in mid-2019.

Challenges to Overcome

• Provide module-based back shop rooms, offices and cubicles for flexible usage
• Provide a simple and effective way to move and store customer-owned items
• Provide innovate solutions for protecting ground support equipment in the hangar area
• Provide redundant locations for tool crib and materials
• Provide pathways for customer and VIP tours of the facility
• Provide economical, energy-efficient mechanical and electrical systems
• Provide a mechanical equipment location for easy serviceability without compromising the aesthetics of the building

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McMahon Associates, Inc.; OMNI Associates

Boldt's Role


Key Points

  • We are pursuing a LEED Silver Certification on this project.