City of Oklahoma City ~ Bricktown Ballpark

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Project Description

In sports, it seems everything old is new again. Reminiscent of early 20th century baseball parks, Bricktown Ballpark combines the intimate experience of such classic venues as Ebbets Field and the Polo Grounds, with state-of-the-art amenities for today's RedHawks fans, staff and press.

The ballpark is 290,000 sq. ft. filled with attributes that are reminiscent of many older parks. Fan seating is brought close to the field of play, while the seating bowl itself wraps gently around the field, improving the lines of sight. The park accommodates a capacity of 12,000 fans, the main concourse and lower seating bowl seat 7,500 fans.

Fitting with the vintage aesthetics, fans sit close to the playing field, making them privy to viewing angles large stadiums cannot match. The main level includes a centralized food court, sports memorabilia shop and Hall of Fame Plaza. The ballpark's upper deck offers club seating and suites, as well as a year-round restaurant accessible by a grand staircase, while members of the press and club management staff occupy the third level.

A unique feature of the main level is the centralized food court. Above the main level, the upper deck club seating and suites provide for a three-dimensional closure of the park. A sports memorabilia shop occupies the building’s main level, while a grand stair rising from the Hall of Fame Plaza will lead fans to the Ballpark Club, a year-round restaurant on the second level.

The third level is home to state-of-the-art press facilities and club management offices.

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Architectural Design Group, Inc.

Boldt's Role

General Contractor

Key Points

  • This park accommodates 12,000 fans while the main concourse and lower seating bowl seats 7,500 fans.
  • The park was created with a vintage style to reminisce the early 20th century baseball parks.