Toyota ~ TMMI-East Assembly Building Expansion

Princeton, Indiana

Project Description

The East Assembly Building Expansion is a 40,000 square foot addition onto an existing assembly plant at Toyota’s Princeton, Indiana facility.

As general contractor for the project, Boldt worked with Toyota and SSOE to provide the construction services to build the assembly building expansion under an expedited schedule. Construction began in November 2015 and was completed in April 2016.

Toyota will use the building for storage and training. Additional office space is provided on a 10,000 square foot mezzanine. The area below the mezzanine will be used as a fitness area.

The building itself consists of a conventional structural steel framework which connects to the existing assembly plant. Insulated metal wall panels and roofing system enclose the building. The building’s structural foundation is supported by 50 foot deep auger cast piles.

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Boldt's Role

General Contractor