General Motors ~ Cooling Tower Replacement

Fairfax, Kansas

Project Description

This project consisted of the removal and disposing of the existing cooling tower. Boldt Install a new fiberglass, six-cell counter flow tower. At 193 feet long by 47 feet wide, the project totals 9,070 square feet. Work also includes necessary electrical wiring, mechanical piping, and controls programming for operation of the tower. The existing cooling tower had to be demolished prior to erecting the new one.

What started out as an aggressive schedule needed to minimize impacts to General Motors got even more challenging when General Motors employees went on a nationwide strike. The strike occurred within a couple of weeks of the project’s groundbreaking. The strike shutdown the project for 1-month which severely impacted our schedule. Once the strike was over and Boldt was able to go back to work we quickly coordinated with General Motors and our trade partners to get the project back on track. In fact, through the efforts of our team and implementation of the Boldt Production System (BPS) we were able to expedite completion of the project and turn the new Cooling Tower over almost 1-month before the original required completion date while maintain the projects budget!

As a single source provider to GM we were able to cut time and costs by not only field production, but by streamlining information and functioning as an efficient high-level team. This was done through years of partnership with General Motors and a Boldt team that has remained consistent on site for several years. The relationship with General Motors and the “trust” factor coupled with the streamlining of information is key to our successful completion mission critical work. This project is a prime example of why General Motors continues to seek Boldt’s services to complete their mission critical work.

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Boldt's Role

General Contractor