University of Notre Dame ~ Long Range Utilities Plan

Notre Dame, Indiana

Three-phased project to complete the University's long range utilities plan, including construction of new utilities and infrastructure and the conversion, upgrade and expansion of existing utilities. Project included:

Combustion turbine expansion at the University’s Power Plant
  • Installation of two combustion turbines will give the University an “electricity-first” cogeneration option and strategically pairs with plan to eliminate the use of coal as a fuel source by end of 2020. 
East Chilled Water Plant on east side of campus
  • The East Chilled Plant and Ricci Field Geothermal Plant calls for the addition of 4,000 tons of additional chiller capacity by 2018, ULRP includes 2,000 tons of chilled water storage. The existing plant does not have room to accommodate expansion 
Secondary Chilled Water Pumping Facility south of University’s Power Plant 
  • The Hydronics of previous campus chilled water system were examined in 2013 and results showed looming chilled water flow deficiencies. Deficiencies were due to an expanding chilled water system and a primary chilled water pumping system with no more available head pressure to maintain necessary flow.  Existing issues with maintaining gas pressure on design winter days when the plant is burning 100% natural gas.
  • The new station will include a 12.47kV substation expansion and interconnection and development of a 12.47kV class distribution system to operate alongside the existing 4.16kV system, redundant and high pressure natural gas services 
Boldt also helped coordinate two additional projects: 
  • 12.47 kV distribution system- coordinating the (OFCS) for landing cabling and setting electrical gear inside the battery limits of your project
  • Second Natural Gas Line- Routing 450 psig gas line from a utility-owned transfer and metering station into the new combustion turbine plant and into the existing Power Plant via the existing 150 psig metering station. 

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Karges-Faulconbridge, Inc.

Boldt Role

General Contractor / Construction Manager

Key Points

  • Projects are ultimately responsible for the operation of the University’s production and distribution infrastructure as it relates to energy to heat, cool and power campus. In other words, without these projects, there is no energy flow through the University of Notre Dame. 
  • 25/7/365 stresses the importance of coordination and communication throughout the entire project to ensure reliability, protection of assets and safety.