Retrospective events are a common practice in the construction industry. It could be a plus/delta agenda item, a keep, stop, start discussion, or just an informal meeting. Often, these meetings end with a lack of focus or clarity on what to do next. The outcome of these events are typically a large list of lessons learned, sometimes over twenty pages long. This lack of focus causes confusion on how to decipher the information or leaves a team member overwhelmed with the amount of information in front of them. Either way, no action is taken, and the same problems or errors occur over and over again.

This presentation will showcase The Boldt Company’s journey of integrating the After Action and Before Action Review process, and how we’ve used these retrospective tools to convert lessons learned into actions taken.


Jason Schulist, PMP, VP - Operational Excellence
Jarrad Bittner, Continuous Improvement Engineer

Learning Objectives

  • Why the After/Before Action Review process is a good retrospective tool to incorporate into your operations
  • Understanding of what an After Action Review is and the appropriate time to conduct an AAR
  • Understanding of what a Before Action Review is and the appropriate time to conduct a BAR
  • How to conduct and facilitate an AAR/BAR in a physical and virtual setting
  • How to take lessons learned and incorporate them into a plan of action
  • Results observed at The Boldt Company