Traditionally diversity and inclusion has been a percentage to purchase for projects. Firms hire diverse firms and execute the project and move on. The true meaning and value tend to get lost in the transaction. We will share our story of how we are approaching diversity and inclusion in the lean project environment differently, to truly untap the potential of authentic diversity and inclusion. We evaluated our current approach to engaging with diverse partners, understood we were not reaching our levels of training and partnership, and tried a different approach. That approach includes commitment on a longer term scale so that performance and capacity can be developed, measured, and true partnerships can be cultivated.


Jacob Hausmann, Senior Project Manager

Learning Objectives

  • How to build partner capacity rather than buying percentage. 
  • How to create two-way partnerships and the skills that mentors can gain through working with diverse partners.
  • How to help partner(s) transition from traditional hard bid environments to be the next lean champions.