After being awarded a solar project, The Boldt Company rapidly deployed resources to action. The project is a 20 MW solar farm located outside Madison, Wisconsin. Boldt resources began to understand the equipment's installation requirement quickly and then rapidly trained their crews on the specific process and sequences of installation techniques. The LCI attendee will learn how rapid development and deployment of standard training tools could improve their projects. The Boldt speakers will explain how advanced work packages will aid in a project’s success. Other advanced techniques such as prefabrication material kitting strategies will be reviewed within the presentation and implemented pull planning, takt time visual scheduling, and daily management huddles.


Blaine Tuchsherer, VP, Project Executive
Taylor Tomaszewski, Operational Excellence Senior Specialist

Key Takeaways

  • The development and deployment of a detailed standardized work plan do not necessarily require months of planning and development. With proper foresight, this can be rapidly developed, trained, and rolled out within a project.
  • Continuous communication and providing feedback metrics to crews is an essential part of success.
  • Creating continuous feedback loops from crews to leadership does not have to be boring. Using change management practices can drive “fun” back into project work.
  • Using prefabrication practices can be driven from a warehouse or even within a tent on a construction site.
  • Focusing on success metrics is important, but getting crews to understand what those success metrics mean to them is even more important.