A focus of healthcare today is the Quadruple Aim: Improved Patient Experience, Better Outcomes, Lower Costs, and Improved Clinical Experience. The micro-hospital, also known as neighborhood or small acute care hospital has become a major part of delivering on the health system’s ability to advance their strategic goals and achieve the quadruple aim. This session will demonstrate Advocate Aurora’s 2025 destination health strategy for accessible, affordable, population health. This workshop demonstrates decision making tools, balancing between CMS regulations, efficiencies of staff, clinical adjacencies, and customer experience. Included is an interactive exercise to test knowledge on “Inpatient”, “Outpatient” and “Hospital Outpatient Department” when considering adding inpatient services to an existing outpatient facility. We will explore operational, and facility impacts of these designations to arm the audience with knowledge to make these strategic decisions.


  1. Understand the Quadruple Aim and articulate how the Small Acute Care Hospital designation can meets those four factors.
  2. Recognize how different building occupancies and licensure of services such as surgery, imaging, and inpatient beds impact location planning.
  3. Summarize the decision tools needed to assess viability of HOD, Inpatient and Outpatient care settings.
  4. Test your knowledge: Can you determine which services can co-locate in which type of building construction?