Boldt's Operations Director – Rochester Operations Jason Krueger will present at the 2018 National Proton Conference on March 28 at The Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Jason is an integral part of the strategic development and project execution for Boldt’s construction and installation work in the proton therapy market. He has overseen the execution of four proton therapy projects across the country and is currently planning a fifth.

Join Jason to learn about Making a Reasoned Decision: Becoming a Proton Therapy Provider along with co-speakers James DeFilippi (DeFilippi Consulting, LLC) and Lynda Mischel (Mischel & Associates).

Discover more interesting and informative topics regarding proton therapy including pediatrics, marketing, insurance and appeals, and proton 101 at the 2018 National Proton Conference hosted by the National Association for Proton Therapy. Click here to learn how you can attend.