There’s more than one way to build

Our roots run deep in the community. Without the people we serve and the places we call home, we couldn’t be who we are today. And as we’ve grown throughout the country, we’ve never lost sight of that.

That’s why we make it a point to get involved, serve and support our local communities. Because a stronger community could be the most important thing we ever help to build.

Here are a few of Boldt’s community efforts:

  • Every year, we earmark at least 10 percent of our profits for charitable giving. We’re especially passionate about promoting education, youth development and the arts.
  • To advance the industry that has given us so much, we have established endowments in a number of colleges and universities, including a faculty chair at the renowned Lawrence University and an engineering scholarship at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • Our affiliations with a wide range of professional and civic organizations provide many opportunities to access leadership and knowledge in numerous fields. These efforts help us to be a valuable resource to those with whom we work.
  • Many members of the Boldt team personally sit on community boards, spearheading fundraising efforts and giving their time, talent and treasure.

That’s what good corporate citizenship is all about. And we take it seriously.