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Wisconsin Public Power / Kaukauna Public Utilities


Midwest Power LLC

Boldt Role:

General Contractor

Key Points:

This was an extremely tight site to work on. It was a fast-track schedule project.

Wisconsin Public Power

Combustion Turbine Installation

Kaukauna, WI

As a consortium of 37 municipal-owned utilities, Wisconsin Public Power shoulders approximately 60 percent of the load served by municipal electric systems in Wisconsin. The energy company allows public power utilities to share resources and facilities in order to provide electricity to their customers.

As general contractor, Boldt worked with Midwest Power LLC on this fast-track project in Kaukauna. We installed a natural-gas powered turbine generator package to supplement an existing hydroelectric system. The new generator, which has turbo engines that can be fired individually to provide either 26 or 52 megawatts of power, will be in operation only about 1,000 hours a year.

In addition to installing all equipment needed, we also set the balance of the pump skids and transformer, and installed a storage tank for demineralized water used for pollution control of nitrogen oxides. The new turbine system, which will be operated by Kaukauna Utilities, can generate power within 10 minutes of activation.