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We Energies


Poyry Group

Boldt Role:

ILPD Construction Manager General Contractor

Key Points:

The cogeneration process is a much more efficient use of the energy contained in the wood fuel, compared to producing electricity or steam in separate processes. The Integrated Lean Project Delivery produces a clear definition of project goals with strong leadership at the early stages of design and construction and acts as a compass for all decision-making throughout the project.

We Energies

Domtar Biomass-Fueled Cogeneration Facility

Rothschild, WI

We Energies' new Rothschild facility serves as a model of the effectiveness of energy recycling. It uses cogeneration, or combined heat and power, to simultaneously generate electricity and useful heat. It also serves as an example of what Boldt's unique Integrated Lean Project Delivery® process can accomplish.

In our role as construction manager and general contractor, we worked with the engineering firm Poyry Group to collaboratively commission, design and construct the facility. It uses forest and sawmill residue and recycled paper mill waste as a source of fuel. Low-value woods procured locally and harvested with sustainable forestry practices produce electricity while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Strong leadership and a clear definition of goals in the early stages were key to the success of this project. In addition to Lean principles, we provided preconstruction, estimating, oversight detailed engineering and construction management service.