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The poor soil conditions were overcome using geo piers and grade beams with a reinforced slab. Landscaping and paving were also included in this project.

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Fleet & Service Garage

Madison, WI

Ongoing expansion and construction has become the reality at major US universities, as they grow beyond their traditional borders. At the University of Wisconsin in Madison, the old Fleet & Service Garage was being replaced by a residence hall as part of the multi-phase Park Street Redevelopment project. Boldt was chosen to perform design/build duties for the new garage.

We approached the creation of this utilitarian structure with the same commitment to careful planning and eye for detail we bring to even the most elaborate project. The new 15,000 sq. ft. facility was designed with a split-face masonry, metal panel and glass outer skin over a pre-engineered metal frame.

For maximum energy efficiency, we constructed a sloped roof of heavily insulated metal, and placed windows strategically to take advantage of opportunities for daylighting. Inside, masonry walls, sealed concrete floors, metal liner panel and exposed ceiling structures reflect the facility's rugged purpose.

Perhaps our greatest challenge was in overcoming the construction site's poor soil conditions, which required a unique geo-pier/grade beam solution for foundation support.