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Union Electric aba Ameren UE


Black & Veatch

Boldt Role:

General Contractor

Key Points:

The project consisted of many challenges including winter construction, hundreds of feet of conduit in concrete trenches, and massive concrete foundation pours. Each challenge was met and resolved with complete team involvement. Thanks to a collaborative effort, the project was a success in all areas: safety, quality, schedule and budget.

Union Electric aba Ameren UE

Peno Creek Generating Station

Bowling Green, MO

As the city of Bowling Green, Missouri, experiences growth, with burgeoning metropolitan St. Louis slowly expanding north, so too does the need foa reliable, plentiful source of energy to power homes and businesses. Primarily powered by natural gas, the Peno Creek Generating Station supplies a domestically abundant and secure source of energy.

A collaborative effort between general contractor Boldt, Black & Veatch, and the owner, Peno Creek was constructed on a greenfield site. Winter construction, hundreds of feet of conduit in concrete trenches and massive concrete foundation pours required complete team involvement.

The resulting station includes four 60-megawatt generators powered by eight 35,700-horsepower 727 jet engines. In addition to installing the concrete foundations, four 90-ton generators, and four turbines and exhaust stacks, we designed and built an administration/service building on the premises. The project serves as a model in safety, quality, scheduling and budgeting.