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St. Olaf College

Boldt Role:

Master Planning Program Management

St. Olaf College

Planning & Feasibility Study

Northfield, MN

From St. Olaf's natural surroundings to its environmental stewardship, sustainability is at the core of the college's operations. When determining how to best make use of 500 acres of undeveloped land adjacent to the campus, St. Olaf engaged long-term partner Boldt to prepare its planning and feasibility study.

After serving St. Olaf for many years, including constructing its commons, field house and fitness center, and arts and science centers, we were able to successfully identify best uses for the property, quantify the value of land parcels and develop a conceptual, long-range master plan. Because planning for a possible major thoroughfare was a factor, we consulted with transportation and city officials, civic and business leaders, and the nearby Northfield Hospital.

Because of this study, the college is able to effectively balance its financial goals with sound planning concepts, taking into consideration environmental factors, economic development and its overall campus plan.