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SSM Health Care System; St. Mary's Dean Ventures


Kahler Slater

Boldt Role:

Construction Manager General Contractor

Key Points:

St. Mary's and Boldt recognized from the beginning that the right thing to do was to establish and implement a recycling plan because of the large amount of demolition that had to occur. The city of Madison had no established recycling policy. With the help of Waste Cap Wisconsin, Boldt and St. Mary's developed a demolition/recycling plan for the project. The city of Madison is currently using this plan as a model for the development of their ordinance.

St. Mary's Hospital Medical Center

Phase II Master Plan

Madison, WI

The expansion of the St. Mary's campus set a precedent in the city of Madison for recycling during construction. Because the 2.7-acre site was once a residential area, a large amount of preconstruction demolition was necessary before construction could begin.

As construction manager and general contractor, Boldt worked with the hospital's owners and Waste Cap Wisconsin to implement a demolition and recycling plan that is being used in Madison as a model for its recycling ordinance. After demolition, 30,277 pounds of materials were reused, 2,270 tons of concrete was recycled, and 43 tons of wood was sent to firewood producers while the chips were sent to a local dairy farm for bedding.

The resulting St. Mary's Hospital campus includes a new seven-story, 240,000 sq. ft. inpatient building with rooftop helipad, parking structure, renovated emergency department, and a power plant and utility upgrade. Not only does the new facility meet the needs of Dane County's growing population, but the recycling plan saved $78,128 in disposal costs.