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Schreiber Foods, Inc.



Boldt Role:

Construction Management

Key Points:

The building, which is seeking a LEED Silver certification, is using Boldt’s waste management program to reduce waste and increase the amount of recycled materials. The project will be completed in 2014.

Schreiber Foods, Inc.

Home Office

Green Bay, WI

Schreiber Foods, Inc. is building a new corporate headquarters that will include a 114,000-sq. ft. five story office, 85,000-sq. ft. four story lab and a 47,775-sq. ft. pilot plant. 

Boldt was hired to provide an exterior rain screen system at the exterior of the office building consisting of cut limestone cladding. The masonry work on the interior consists of concrete block walls and decorative stone wall cladding. Boldt is also providing craftsmen to install the interior carpentry work that includes the casework, doors and other specialty items.

Boldt will be incorporating its work into the owners requested BIM model by attending coordination meetings and bringing our experience to the team.