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PG & E National Energy Group


Stone & Webster

Boldt Role:

General Contractor

Key Points:

Because this plant uses natural gas, there are no particulate or SOx (sulfur) controls. NOx (nitrogen oxides) are controlled by inclusion of an SCR (selective catalytic reactor) as part of the boiler design.

PG & E National Energy Group

Covert Generating Station

Covert, MI

Covert's new power generating station is an important step toward renewable energy production. Situated on a 35-acre greenfield site, it uses natural gas to deliver efficient, environmentally friendly electrical energy.

As general contractor, Boldt worked with Stone & Webster to assemble and erect three heat-recovery steam generators and structural steel for a pre-engineered turbine and service building. We installed a boiler, including a selective catalytic reactor to control nitrogen oxides, while natural gas technology eliminates particulate and sulfur controls.

Boldt provided the labor for transporting the equipment, including turbines that each weighted 450,000 to 650,000 pounds. Other heavy equipment was transported by barge up the Mississippi River to Lake Michigan, then moved to the site via heavy haul trailers. The result is three power plants that combined generate 1,100 megawatts.