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Michigan Technological University



Boldt Role:

Construction Manager

Key Points:

Boldt's knowledge of working in occupied facilities, winter weather conditions, safety and project approach were instrumental to the award of this project. Phased construction allowed the university to occupy some of the hall during the complete renovation. This required close interfacing with the owner and their students. The kitchen renovation was completed during the summer break in order to have it back in operation for the fall semester. This was a key piece of the project. The project was a success because the team was focused on working as a single entity with the schedule being the driving force.

Michigan Technological University

Wadsworth Hall Interior Renovation

Houghton, MI

At six stories high and one-quarter mile long, Wadsworth Hall was the largest dormitory in the United States when built in 1955. With two additions since, it now houses more than 1,200 students.

Because of this large occupancy and the winter weather conditions in Upper Michigan, the project required experts in safety and phased construction.

As construction manager, Boldt coordinated the project with 20 contractors and subcontractors, as well asHGA architects, and we provided a constructability analysis. Key to this project was renovation with minimal interruption, as all work took place while the school year was still in session.

Today, Wadsworth residents enjoy updated dorm rooms, individual bathrooms, laundry facilities, and three lounge/kitchenette areas per floor. Electrical updates were done throughout the facility, and an updated dining area seats 450 students.