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Laurentian Energy Authority, LLC


Harris Group Inc.; Barr Engineering

Boldt Role:

Construction Manager General Contractor

Key Points:

As construction manager Boldt held a separate contract with LEA to manage and administer subcontracts for this project. Dust, noise generation and traffic considerations during the construction were major concerns. Boldt worked with neighbors, nearby businesses and schools. Great efforts were taken to preserve the historic East Wall at the Virginia PUC site. Over 50% of the fuel for these boilers will ultimately come from hybrid tree farms. A renewable energy source, the trees grow and can be harvested every seven years.

Laurentian Energy

Biomass Energy Generation Facilites

Hibbing and Virginia, MN

The Laurentian Energy project exemplifies Boldt's expertise at delivering environmentally friendly energy solutions with as little disturbance to the surrounding area as possible. We constructed two new biomass plants while preserving a historic brick structure and minimizing impact on neighbors, businesses and schools.

As construction manager and general contractor, we worked with Harris Group and Barr Engineering to add two large boilers and wood-handling systems to a fully operational public utility without disrupting service at the site, where water, gas, electric and steam utilities all originate. Under separate contract with Laurentian Energy to manage and administer subcontracts in this fast-track project, we used accelerated scheduling and installed concrete footings, foundations, mats and slabs in winter conditions.

The biomass plant project, built with union labor, incorporates particulate control, ash and fuel-handling equipment, ductwork and emission-control equipment. The new boilers get more than half their fuel from hybrid tree farms, a renewable energy source.