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Lakeland College



Boldt Role:

Master Planner Program Management

Lakeland College

Comprehensive Campus Master Plan

Sheboygan, WI

The Lakeland College campus in eastern Wisconsin offers students an atmosphere that is both traditional and contemporary. While it honors its rich history dating back to 1862, the college also recognizes how the learning experience is enhanced by new and remodeled facilities.

With nearly a century of education construction projects under our belt, Boldt was chosen to develop Lakeland's comprehensive campus master plan. Along with JJR and the Campus Facilities Planners, we assessed the site, facilities and utilities, then prepared the capital program and implementation plan. Because the proposed projects involved extensive site and civil engineering evaluation, our master planning efforts required a sharp focus on infrastructure, utilities and storm water management.

Through phasing and sequencing, we established priorities for the building projects, which became the basis for the successful capital program, fundraising and implementation.