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Kaukauna Utilities



Boldt Role:

General Contractor

Key Points:

Close coordination and planning between Boldt, Kaukauna Utilities, neighborhood residents and an adjacent school was a main focus in ensuring complete safety on and around the project site.

Kaukauna Utilities

Hydroelectric Power Plant

Kaukauna , WI

There has not been a major hydroelectric project in Wisconsin’s Fox Valley region in over 100 years, but when Kaukauna Utlities’ two oldest hydro plants reached the end of their useful lives, it knew simply closing them was not an option.

Kaukauna Utilities’ customers have long benefitted from inexpensive hydroelectric power. Seeking to maintain that service, the utility turned to Boldt to complete much-needed upgrades to its power house, plant facilities and canal, dramatically increasing power output through improved efficiency and ensuring the viability of renewable energy in the region for decades to come.

Major project aspects include:

  • Installing temporary cofferdams to remove water in the canal for construction
  • Removing the existing stone power canal walls and widening the canal for increased efficiency
  • Installing 3,550 feet of new power canal retaining walls, which include stones, salvaged from the original walls
  • Decommissioning both original plants on the power canal
  • Demolishing one of the original plants and converting the other for alternate use
  • Building a new and greatly improved hydroelectric power plant in the location of the demolished plant

The new hydroelectric power plant Boldt constructed replaced the original two plants, yet still allows for a significant increase in total power output due to efficiency upgrades over the existing decades-old equipment.