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Grand Ridge Energy, LLC

Boldt Role:

Civil and Erection Contractor

Key Points:

The project was constructed under an aggressive schedule requiring strong logistical planning and implementation. The project required more than 750,000 man-hours of work. The majority of work was performed by local tradesmen that supported the local economy.

Grand Ridge Energy, LLC

Grand Ridge Wind Farm

Marseilles, IL

The 18-sq.-mi. Grand Ridge Wind Farm consists of 66 turbines that together produce 99 megawatts of energy, enough to power 25,000 homes.

As civil and erection contractor, Boldt was one of three prime contractors chosen by project owner Grand Ridge. An aggressive construction schedule required high levels of communication and strong logistical planning and implementation.

After working with local road commissioners to coordinate installation of site access roads, we managed the excavation and installation of the turbine bases, including coordinating deliveries to the site and inspecting components of the 42-ton rotor assemblies before erection.

This clean-power project that also boosted the local economy was completed weeks ahead of schedule, despite a 10-day weather delay.