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Foremost Farms USA


Mead & Hunt

Boldt Role:

General Contractor

Key Points:

Boldt has completed an extensive amount of work with Foremost Farms. Mead & Hunt, as the engineer, and Boldt have worked closely together on these projects. Boldt managed the construction and equipment installation.

Foremost Farms USA

Remodel and Expansion

Appleton, WI

Foremost Farms, located in the Dairy State, is no stranger to recognition. In addition to its best-of-class cheeses and employee safety and wellness awards, Foremost is also known as one of the best brining operations in the country. Proud of its long-standing working partnership with Foremost, Boldt was chosen to lead the company's remodel and expansion as general contractor.

Working alongside engineers Mead & Hunt, we managed the construction and equipment installation for Foremost's mozzarella brine room and curd-processing area. Interior demolition included 17,250 sq. ft. of concrete floors, walls, and mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems.

The project included work on a whey reverse-osmosis system and dairy brick flooring, as well as special considerations for dust proofing and temperature partitions, and structural shoring of a precast roof support.

Demolition and reconstruction took place without interruption to daily operations, so Foremost Farms could continue the safe and productive operations it's known for.