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Eco Energy/Acciona

Boldt Role:

Civil and Erection Contractor

Key Points:

Boldt assisted the owner and the equipment transporter with the project logistics of the delivery schedule. We worked closely with the local utilities to schedule the electrical line drops with our erection schedule.

Eco Energy/Acciona

Eco Grove Wind Farm

Lena, IL

With 67 turbines generating 100 megawatts, delivered to 25,000 families, Eco Grove Wind Farm stands tall as a visible, viable symbol of alternative power's future.

Boldt is no stranger to wind power. As erection contractor on the Eco Grove job, Boldt assisted the owner and equipment transporter with project logistics and scheduling in advance, working with local road commissioners to seamlessly coordinate road usage and crossings to minimize interruptions of traffic.

Additionally, we collaborated closely with local utilities to schedule the electrical line drops within our erection schedule.

Once on site, construction work included laying foundations for all turbines, which needed to be specially designed to remain stable with the site's soil conditions. We coordinated the daily delivery of turbines to the site, inspecting all of the sections and assemblies before erection.