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Consumers Energy

Boldt Role:

Mechanical Equipment Installer

Key Points:

This project is unique to the other baghouse installations due to the scale of prefabrication of the baghouse components and ductwork. The baghouses and the ductwork will all be delivered by barge, staged and then set into place.

Consumers Energy

Twin Baghouse Installation

Essexville, MI

Installing air pollution control equipment at the Dan E. Karn Generating Plant, a coal-fired power station, required the highest level of expertise in prefabrication. The components and ductwork for the two baghouses, some pieces weighing more than 50 tons, were delivered by barge, then staged and installed.

Boldt's role as mechanical equipment installer required the erection of 1,700 tons of prefabricated ductwork and 1,600 tons of support steel, as well as fans, motors, compressors, instrumentation and 11,000 lineal feet of piping. The 160,000 sq. ft. baghouses include ductwork from existing precipitators and to the stack, using tie-in outages to connect field-assembled components.

Working with Worley Parsons engineers, we are helping to ensure this Consumers Energy facility generates cleaner air for its employees and its community.