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City Utilities of Springfield


Stanley Consultants

Boldt Role:

Construction and Erection Contractor

Key Points:

During the course of the job, Boldt managed in excess of 900,000 direct craft man-hours. Onsite tradespeople peaked at 350. The site presents unique challenges due to the positioning of an adjacent 200 MW operating unit, the location of the coal silos and the need to schedule work around outages of the Unit 1 GSU transformers.

City Utilities of Springfield

SW No. 2 Construction of the Coal-Fired Boiler

Springfield, MO

As power demands grew in the Springfield community, City Utilities took action to ensure current customers and future generations have reliable power at their fingertips. Meeting the power needs of nearly 440,000 people meant hiring a construction and erection contractor experienced in managing hundreds of tradespeople and thousands of man-hours.

Boldt worked alongside Stanley Consultants to construct a second coal-fired boiler at an existing power station. Because of its close proximity, the project required the strategic location of coal silos and scheduling work around outages. Prefabrication of boiler components was key to this project's success.

Constructing steel support and auxiliary structures, installing elevated concrete floors, and erecting a new 300-megawatt boiler required more than 900,000 direct craftsman hours and 350 on-site tradespeople. Materials for the boiler island were delivered on approximately 500 semi-trailer loads, and the boiler steam drum arrived via rail.