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Green Project


Bergstrom Enterprises


Gries Architectural Group, Inc.

Boldt Role:

Construction Manager

Key Points:

The low-capacity soils on the site required significant over-excavation and backfill with flowable concrete. This added eight days of additional construction, yet the completion date remained unchanged. After the structural steel was on site, the city ruled that the display tower was in fact a "sign," and zoning regulations required changing the overall height of the tower by approximately five feet. The steel was modified on site to change each of the five landing elevations. Exterior panels, windows and stairs were also each modified to accommodate this change. Even with this challenge, the completion date remained intact.

Bergstrom Enterprises

Smart Car Dealership

Milwaukee, WI

When you sell the most fuel-efficient vehicles in the United States, your dealership has to meet high standards in terms of Lean and sustainability. This prototype facility - the first stand-alone Smart dealership in the country - is not only LEED Silver Certified, but its completion in a mere 18 weeks is a prime example of Integrated Lean Construction practices.

As construction manager, Boldt worked to execute a sustainable building that also incorporated an innovative concept in car dealerships: a five-story tower for vehicle display. Built alongside another operational dealership, the site required over-excavation and backfill with flowable concrete, but the challenges didn't end there. After the tower's steel structure was in place, a city ordinance on signage required on-site modification to change its overall height, in the process affecting landing elevations, exterior panels, windows and stairs.

Despite many challenges, the completion date remained unchanged. The Smart dealership's stunning showroom, welcoming reception area, merchandise boutique, and service areas use daylight to warm and light spaces and low-emitting materials to reduce indoor air pollutants. With a building that uses recycled, locally manufactured and FSC-certified wood materials, on a site that uses native and adaptive plants and erosion control structures to use 43 percent less water, the owner has a facility that complements its energy-efficient vehicles.