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Boldt Role:

Construction Manager General Contractor

Key Points:

Boldt has been a steady contractor at this facility in Minnesota for more than two decades. Together, Boldt and Ainsworth maintained very open communications that have involved the construction of a multimillion-dollar pulp mill and power distribution system, and several renovations and maintenance projects. Boldt has rebuilt several paper machines, installed winders, completed building additions, completed a coater modernization and a color kitchen, and constructed a new bleach plant.


Oriented Strand Board Facility Modernization

Cook, MN

Since its introduction in the late 1970s, oriented strand board (OSB), has become a material of choice for building panels in North American residential construction. To help meet a demand for this product, the Ainsworth Lumber Co. initiated a mill modernization project, giving it the capacity to produce an additional 185,000 sq. ft. of OSB.

Boldt was chosen to serve as construction manager and general contractor, continuing a 20-year relationship at the Cook facility. For this project, we installed steel-lined log thaw ponds with covers, an opening press, a four-head forming line and a flat, steel-belt conveyor dryer. Other project elements included wood-preparation and board-finishing equipment.

The keys to the success of the multimillion-dollar pulp mill and power distribution system were open communication and a true partnership with Ainsworth.

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