Release Date: May 17, 2011

Wisconsin Safety Council Honors The Boldt Company's Safety Record

Company racks up unprecedented eight annual awards becoming safest construction firm in Wisconsin

No other construction company has won as many Wisconsin safety awards as The Boldt Company. The firm was selected the 2010 Wisconsin Corporate Safety Award Grand recipient, making a total of eight awards Boldt has received from the Wisconsin Safety Council. The firm received the grand award May 17th in the construction category at the annual Wisconsin Safety and Health Congress Conference.

The Wisconsin Corporate Safety Awards are co-sponsored by the Wisconsin Council of Safety and the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development. The annual awards program honors businesses for top safety records and recognizes companies that have low injury incidence rates and establish health and safety procedures, policies and track results. Boldt was recognized in the large company division, which reviews construction firms with more than 1 million annual payroll hours.

In 2010, Boldt accomplished a new feat, reaching and surpassing three million hours worked without a single lost time accident. Boldt’s incidence rate has trended well below the national average in the construction industry for many years.
“We want to make sure everyone gets home safe—that’s priority number one,” said Jeff Johnson, Vice President of Human Resources and Risk Management. “Our customers trust us to finish projects on time and within the budget, but they also expect us to run a safe worksite.”

Nationwide, Boldt employs more than 1500 workers on hundreds of jobsites. Over the years, the firm has invested in equipment that maximizes safety. Specifically, aerial work platforms and state of the art scaffolding minimize fall exposure. Items such as roof striders and horizontal lifelines have been incorporated to protect personnel. Boldt is also a pioneer in incorporating ergonomics on job sites, limiting repetitive injuries through job rotation on physical tasks such as jack hammering.

Construction is widely recognized as one of the country’s most dangerous professions. Boldt serves clients in the powerand wind industries, requiring work to be done hundreds of feet in the air while lifting extremely heavy components. “There are lots of safety challenges on these jobs like extreme heights, tight spaces and adverse weather but no matter what the condition, we still have to ensure our crews are working safely,” said Boldt Safety Director Jeff Schilleman. “Our goal is to meet the customers’ needs, but we won’t sacrifice safety for anything.”

Boldt safety directors credit training and building a safety culture with their success. “Safety’s not just about the guys on the jobsites, but their families, and all of our employees both at work and home,” said Johnson.

Boldt team members average 70-75 hours per person, per year in safety education including daily safety meetings. Common safety communication and education materials focus on:

  • Correctly tying off. Boldt crews have to physically be tied off if they are working 6 feet or more off the ground. Additionally, Boldt has purchased equipment specifically designed to minimize fall exposure such as aerial work platforms and specialized scaffolding.
  • Lifting with your knees to limit back injuries. Both at jobsites and in office environments, Boldt has been a pioneer at incorporating ergonomics in the workplace.
  • Keeping job sites clean so injuries are not caused by materials carelessly left on the ground.
  • Boldt tracks “near miss” events through a database to learn from potential accidents.
  • Boldt established a toll-free hotline so employees can call anonymously to report safety issues.


The Wisconsin Safety Council is a charitable non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to making Wisconsin a safe and healthy place to live and work. The Wisconsin Safety Council is part of the educational division of Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, Wisconsin’s manufacturers association and state chamber of commerce. As Wisconsin’s chapter of the National Safety Council, the Wisconsin Safety Council promotes safety and health programs, resource services and educational materials for community outreach.


The Boldt Company, headquartered in Wisconsin, has 12 offices throughout the United States and is one of the leading sustainable construction firms in the country. The firm provides professional construction services to customers in a variety of industrial, education, healthcare, commercial and renewable energy markets nationwide. The firm has been recognized as one of the safest companies in America.

Boldt Safety Record
-Wisconsin Corporate Safety Awards: 1996, 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010
-2008 Boldt was named one of “America’s Safest Companies” according to EHS Today Magazine (formerly Occupational Hazardsmagazine), one of the leading safety journals in the nation
-The Boldt Company has logged over one million hours worked without an accident and recently logged over three million hours worked without a single lost time incident
-Recognition for incident rates at least 25 percent below national averages from the Associated General Contractors of America, National Constructors Association, and Wisconsin Health and Safety Congress
-Formalized award-winning safety training programs, including eye protection, 100 percent fall prevention, and blood borne pathogen/infection control measures
-Boldt CEO Tom Boldt was inducted into the Safety Hall of Fame in 2002.

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