Sustainability and the bottom line

Sustainability and the bottom line

Not so very long ago, few saw the sense of sustainable construction methods. Yes, it was good for the environment, but people envisioned, ugly, impractical structures, with out-of-line construction costs and insignificant payback.

Today, all that's changed. Boldt embraced the bold idea of buildings that were better for people and the earth long before the idea went mainstream. That's given us a far deeper understanding of the planning, processes and benefits of sustainability than those who came later.

Businesses and institutions that build with Boldt discover the advantages of tapping into our industry-leading expertise in sustainable practices and LEED® certification. They realize the decreased payback periods and life cycle costs, the savings of reduced energy consumption and maintenance expenses, the increased productivity and improved health of the building occupants, and the retention of satisfied building occupants.

Explore a sampling of our sustainable projects, including the LEED Platinum Certified Aldo Leopold Legacy Center.

"Construction by its nature leaves a huge footprint on our natural resources. Boldt is experimenting by trying different things and expanding our knowledge so we continue to be innovative and environmentally responsible builders. We feel that ... we have the ability to set the example as it relates to sustainable initiatives and environmental stewardship." Tom Boldt, CEO, The Boldt Company