Driving waste from your project

Driving waste from your project

Since 1964, the productivity rate within the industrial and manufacturing market sectors has more than doubled. Yet during this same period of time, the productivity rate within the construction industry has fallen by nearly 50 percent. Despite all of the advancements in equipment, technology and materials, the construction industry is less productive today than it was in 1964.

Current conventional construction delivery practices such as design/bid/build, design/build, and construction management services do nothing to address the inefficiencies within the construction industry. They simply mask these inefficiencies and give the purchaser of construction and construction-related services a false sense of economy.

The introduction of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) begins to get at the heart of these inefficiencies that exist within the construction industry by bringing together all of the necessary knowledge, skill and expertise in a manner that ensures that individual needs are in alignment with the project goals. Boldt then takes the process one step further by introducing modern Lean manufacturing philosophies and eliminating redundancy and waste throughout the process.

Integrated Lean Project Delivery® (ILPD) puts Boldt in a class of our own. Unlike construction firms that focus only on IPD and collaboration, Boldt also seeks to eliminate waste at every part of the project life cycle.

From initial planning and design, through exploration of value-engineering possibilities, to on-site construction process, we set out to predict where waste may occur. Eliminating waste creates value that is added directly to the bottom line.

By rigorously integrating Lean into IPD, Boldt is bringing more value to every customer by better managing scarce resources.

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