Eliminating waste, creating value

Eliminating waste, creating value

From 1964 to 2000, the rate of productivity across the non-farm industry in general more than doubled. In that same time, productivity in the construction industry fell by nearly 50 percent. Despite advances in equipment, process evolution and materials refinement, time and money was being wasted in the construction world, resulting in lost value.

The introduction of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), with its emphasis on mutual respect and open, honest collaboration between all parties, is solving much of the problem. Boldt takes the process further by bringing the Lean philosophies of modern manufacturing into our IPD delivery.

Integrated Lean Project Delivery® (ILPD) puts Boldt in a class of its own. Unlike construction firms that focus only on IPD and collaboration, we also seek to eliminate waste at every phase of the project life cycle.

From initial planning and design, through exploration of value-engineering possibilities, to our on-site construction process, we set out to predict where waste may occur. Eliminating it creates value that is added directly to the customer's bottom line.

By rigorously integrating Lean into IPD, we bring more value to every customer by better managing scarce resources.

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