Efficiencies in construction management

Efficiencies in construction management

Regardless of the scope of a building project, every owner aspires to realize maximum cost and time savings in its completion. For many Boldt customers, a construction management (CM) relationship has been an effective way to achieve those goals.

CM involves a project owner engaging a construction firm to coordinate a project in its entirety. We have been offering CM services to the private sector since before the phrase "construction management" was coined. Our process is an intense and ambitious effort, dedicated to the idea that every project can be improved and enhanced to a much greater degree in the planning and design phase than in the field execution phase.

Project schedules and costs can be improved significantly using our construction management process, compared to a general contract lump-sum approach, resulting in potential savings of 10 percent or more of total project costs.

Construction Management with Boldt promises

  • Non-adversarial, collaborative team approach between owner, architect/engineer and construction manager
  • Dedicated support professionals in all project disciplines—civil, structural, electrical, mechanical and architectural
  • Value enhancement and budget control during conceptual and design efforts, including Value Management Process (VMP) measures
  • Opportunities to establish a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) early in the process
  • Construction scheduling
  • Integrated project development and documentation of the entire process for owner oversight and permanent record
  • Competitive bidding, including opportunities to use local contractors and suppliers

Our CM is a total team effort, ensuring safe, timely and cost-effective execution.

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