Walking in our own carbon footprints

Walking in our own carbon footprints

Boldt advocates environmental responsibility in the most effective way possible: by integrating its philosophies throughout our own business and the building environment.

Throughout Boldt, sustainable stewardship is apparent. Our sustainability core team includes LEED® accredited professionals, and a member of the board of directors for the Wisconsin Green Building Alliance.

Under the core team's guidance, we've developed company-wide programs that have helped us maintain our commitment to environmentally responsible construction, waste management and the education of both subcontractors and owners in a wide range of sustainable practices.

Through the innovative design and construction of our facilities, we lead by example by demonstrating pragmatism of workplace sustainability. In 2009, we proudly became the first contractor to participate in the Wisconsin Green Tier program, a state of Wisconsin initiative aimed at helping enterprises deliver superior environmental performance. Of our current regional offices, two are LEED Silver Certified. Our corporate headquarters is currently seeking LEED certification for existing buildings.

Sustainability is not just talk. It is a commitment we share throughout our organization. Boldt is proud to support these environmentally recognized programs:

  • Earth Day
  • Earth Hour
  • America Recycles Day
  • Aldo Leopold Weekend
  • Adopt-a-Highway

Read The Boldt Company's Corporate Sustainable Commitment

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